Learning ASP.net

In the past, I’ve always used PHP/MySQL for back-end programming.  For a new project, it’s time to learn ASP.net with SQL Server 2005 .  Who knows, maybe there will be some new gigs in the future as a result of my experimentation with the M$ dark side 🙂

Anyone have any good book or tutorial site recommendations?

New TechNotes Delayed

I’m currently involved in contract work that requires substantial overtime due to another developer leaving the project. With commute time and family considerations, that leaves virtually no week at the end of my time. This means that the TechNote series on skeletal animation I had hoped to start this month is probably delayed until fall (this project has an early Sept. delivery date).

I am working on adding closed-loop support and arc-length parameterization to the Bezier spline. After finishing, I will probably also add some sort of closed-loop support for the Catmull-Rom spline. 3D versions of these splines will be made available for camera and other path animation in Papervision 3D.

AS 3 Animation System Beta

I happen to like animation systems. There are always the cases where a task is too simple to justify the weight of an animation package or too complex for the package. I don’t mind writing those cases myself. For everything else, it’s nice to have a packaged system. Looks like there is a new animation package under development for AS 3 programmers by Ryan Taylor. The description of this package is very interesting and he’s currently looking for beta testers. Check it out here, http://www.boostworthy.com/blog/?p=158 .