Learning ASP.net

In the past, I’ve always used PHP/MySQL for back-end programming.  For a new project, it’s time to learn ASP.net with SQL Server 2005 .  Who knows, maybe there will be some new gigs in the future as a result of my experimentation with the M$ dark side 🙂

Anyone have any good book or tutorial site recommendations?


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  1. .NET is great, mono.net makes it cross platform. Be sure to go through all the quickstarts, you can find these on asp.net. Also check out Silverlight and orcas beta 3 if you want to get into WPF and C# 3.0. I recommend coding C# as it makes coding multiplatform with Java very simple or coming from Java very simple.


    The quickstarts are not best practices in fact far from it but it will get you quickly into the .net way of doing things. Code behind, app code and assemblies are the way to go and most of the samples have code right in the pages rather than a code behind which isn’t always best but works.

    If you like AS3, Java you will love C#.

  2. drawk – I have over eight years with C++/STL and I have worked with C# in the past. It is definitely be my language of choice for .NET. Thanks for the detailed response!

    – jim armstrong

  3. Oh then you should have no problem at all. Visual studio orcas is out if you don’t have 2005 or you can grab SharpDevelop2. It is mainly for code libs though as VS.NET has the web stuff in it (youc an still do it by hand or command line though).

    If you are maily doing web stuff and want standard libs there are lots out ther elike RSS.NET, ATOM.NET, XMLRPC toolkits and of course you can use SOAP or XML web services.

    For ajax try ajax.net, MS ajax or maybe even Telerik controls or MagicAJAX for quick ajax.

  4. Thanks again, drawk — I don’t have VS 2005 yet, so I plan on upgrading my 2003 seat. Your comments have been very helpful.

    – jim

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