Spline to XML MaxScript

The post on exporting splines to XML for path animation in Papervision 3D proved to be pretty popular 🙂  I’ve received some requests for the Maxscript used in the export.  It’s pretty pathetic as scripts go, but here you go!

Place the script in the {3ds max root}/scripts folder.  Run the SplineToXML.ms script, then open a listener window.  Select a curve in MAX.  In the listener window, type


Move the camerapath.xml file from the scripts folder to the bin folder of your Flex app.  Animate and have fun!

Caveat:  My 3ds max install is very old (V6), so I can’t vouch that the script runs on later versions of the software.


4 thoughts on “Spline to XML MaxScript

  1. Hi, this is fantastic. Can you help me at all with getting this to work in CS3 rather than Flex? I have the maxscript working and properly exporting my spline xml data but it’s unclear to me as to how this data is read by papervision. I’m using pV2 (great white) but I imagine I can figure it out pretty quickly if given a direction to go in.

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