Flex for Business Decision Analytics

I’ve been asked a lot about what’s next for Singularity.  The parameteric curve library seems to be pretty  far along, so I need to go back and try to finish off the 2D rigging classes.  In tandem with that effort, I’ve decided to revive an old background project for which Flex seems to be much better suited than Flash.  Adobe has made some noise about using Flex for business intelligence, but only in terms of displaying dashboards.  A dashboard is driven by analysis of data which could range from simple statistics to advanced methodologies from the field of Operations Research.

In terms of the latter, Flex/AS 3 is well suited for model assembly and analysis, while FDS/RPC in tandem with suitable server-side software can handle the solution of OR models.  So, the big question is how do you put it all together?  I guess I’m going to have fun working up some demos 🙂

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