We all use math every day

After NCIS and The Unit, one of my favorite weekly shows is Numb3rs.  Only on American TV can a math geek catch criminals and score chicks!  I also like the offline learning community built around the show, providing teaching aids based on the math techniques used in the show.

If you are a teacher, you might want to check out the blog here.  Each episode review has a set of learning activities along with links to other activities and additional information.


2 thoughts on “We all use math every day

  1. I love that show! They have great female characters too! And they score dudes 😉

    Apparently, the folks at Wolfram Research are now consulting on the math used in the show. It was mentioned in the last newsletter I got from them.

  2. Kristen – that’s very interesting. There is also a book out about the math used in the show. I saw it once at a bookstore – pretty high level, so its readable by a very general audience.


    – jim

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