Papervision Renderable Spline with Path Following

Visualizing a spline path is not only useful, it may be required for some applications.  Fortunately, the new Lines3D and Line3D classes in the Phunky branch make renderable splines possible.  Path animation also requires orientation control.  To provide these capabilities, I extended the Singularity P3D.BezierSpline to create a PV3DSpline class.  This allows the 3D BezierSpline class to remain generic while providing Papervision-specific controls for drawing the spline in 3D space and better path following.

I still need to add detailed roll control.  That’s on the ever-growing ‘to do’ list.  An online demo is available if this is something you want to check out.

A MaterialsList material is applied to the test object to identify the top (blue) and front (green). You can observe the demo here, which includes a link to download the Singularity library.  You *must* use the Papervision code from the Phunky branch in order to build your own standalone application.


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