I may experiment with this product some during my upcoming vacation (yeah, I also told myself that about Flare and Five3D).  The Business and Education products look somewhat interesting.  Anyone have any experience with this tool?  Thoughts and opinions are welcome.

One thought on “Mindomo

  1. I’ve used Mindomo a lot. I primarily use it for just getting my thoughts down and organized when I’m in the discovery phase of developing an application. Sometimes I’ll even use it to lay out the hierarchy of the views of the application.

    I have to say the only thing I don’t care for is the print quality, but I think that’s a Flash Player limitation. It’s only able to grab the bitmap data to print so if you want a large printout on a plotter or something to make it easy to read a large mind map, it looks pretty bad. I wish they could send the vector data as postscript data to the printer.

    I am also really looking forward to the AIR version they’re promising following the public final release of the AIR platform.

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