PI for President!

If you are dissatisfied with the goon currently in office as well as the crop of goons campaigning to replace him, then it’s time to support the real candidate for change – infinite change, that is. Yes, we’re talking about the number ∏ . MathematicianPictures.com has launched a campaign to support PI for president. More like a campaign to draw attention to a pretty cool site for math geeks, but PI could definitely do better than the incumbent and no worse than the potential replacements πŸ™‚

One does wonder, though, how the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter will adapt to an ‘oval’ office.


2 thoughts on “PI for President!

  1. LOL – PI needs someone to run against, so I nominate ‘e’, the ‘natural’ candidate πŸ™‚

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