3D Developments

A brief mention of some recent 3D developments.  Been following the Alternativa engine development for a while and their blog shows some very interesting demos.  At a glance, it seems to be optimized for interactive gaming, whereas PV3D is being developed for very general usage.  I could be way off on that – just a quick observation 🙂  Check it out for yourself here.

Eduardo Dias da Costa pinged me about a 3D panoramic viewer, which you can see here.  That’s it for now … back to work!


2 thoughts on “3D Developments

  1. I’m not sure your observation is that far off. In fact.. I haven’t seen that many comparative observations out there. I have not tried out Alternativa but I have seen the examples and it does seem to me that they’re trying to create 3D worlds whereas pv3d is heavy and is best used in a minimalistic way.

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