NFL Draft

Interesting draft weekend. Thought my two teams (Cowboys and Falcons) did okay. Kind of surprised the boys did not take a receiver, but for a good draft pick, need must coincide with opportunity. The added 3rd- and 4th-round picks next year could be parlayed into a trade-up for a good receiver, so we’ll have to hope Glenn has at least one good year left. Nice to see the Falcons put the Vick era behind them. Not sure that Ryan is really a top first-round QB, but I hope it works out and hope to see the Falcons on the rebound this year.


One thought on “NFL Draft

  1. I think the Ryan move was a LOT about PR. He’s a wholesome kid who has the potential to be a really good (not ready to say great) QB, but an even better chance at a positive image for the Falcons which the need badly.

    I thought the Cowboys draft went really well, and don’t think they’re out of the trade talks just yet. I wouldn’t be surprised to see something happen between now and training camp. They may also be setting aside a third rounder for when they make a play for Roy Williams as a restricted free agent next year since that will cost them a third. I’m also really curious how the Dixon UFA signing will pan out. Looks like he got dealt a bad hand but has the skill to be something really good.

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