Honda Fit Sport First Road Trip

As a follow-on to this post and this post, I took the Fit Sport on my first road trip this weekend, visiting in-laws in east Texas. Not a very long trip, but at least I was able to push the speedometer up to 70 for a while. About 90% local freeway and interstate driving; the rest was city. Driving conditions were ideal; flat roads and no wind. It was cool enough in the morning that I only ran the A/C intermittently on the outbound leg of the trip.

Mileage for the entire trip was 39.45. On the freeway, I kept the cruise control at the posted speed limit (which varied from 60-70). As a rough guess, I suspect the average highway speed was about 64mph, so this is not indicative of what would be achieved on a longer trip where average speeds were 70+. Still, I was very impressed with the result. In similar conditions, my Escape Hybrid achieved 30.5 mpg, although that would quickly drop above 70 mph and any type of head or cross-wind.