My Apology to Murray

I was watching the Nadal-Murray match over the last two days, always rooting for the underdog.  It seemed like Murray was dialed in yesterday, but got a bad break with the rain delay.  It’s really hard to play with the same intensity and shotmaking two days in a row, especially against a machine like Nadal.

After Murray lost break point after break point in the second game of the fourth, it really seemed like he would play down to his level of experience.  Kind of in disappointment, I joked on twitter that he would be watching the final tomorrow on TV.

Andy – I owe you an apology and hearty congratualations for shaking off the poor early performance and your well-deserved spot in the final.

Although I’ll be rooting for Rodger, he should not think he received any type of break today.  Although he does not have to face Nadal in yet another final (to whom he has a losing record this year), he also has a losing record against Murray.

If Murray can slay one giant, there is no reason he can’t do it again.  Mr. Federer should bring his A+ game to the court 🙂