Prince Speedport Black Team and Flash

I’m really enjoying my new racquet – a Prince 03 Speedport Black Team.  The racket is light and very maneuverable.  Still deciding on the right strings and tension.  I like playing Babolat VS Team 17, but you can only play with gut a limited time in the Texas weather (and I like the 17-gauge strings which wear quicker anyway).

I was initially unaware that you could customize the color of the Speedport string inserts, as shown here,

As I’m still experimenting with strings, different color combinations makes the racquets easy to distinguish (I currently have two), especially if I have both temporarily strung with the same brand but at different tensions. And, it gives the racquet a more personalized touch (other than colored overgrip).

At least I can order the customized inserts (they’re pretty cheap) and have them replaced at the next restringing.

Pretty cool use of Flash on the Prince site 🙂


3 thoughts on “Prince Speedport Black Team and Flash

  1. I just demoed the Speedport black team and it is definitely my next racquet. I play at about a 5.0 level, so it took a little bit of pride swallowing to admit I liked this racquet so much, since I ought to be playing with more of a “player’s frame,” as they say, one that is heavier, forces you to generate more power, but gives more control, too. I guess I just have a longer, slower swing than most guys at the 5.0 level.

    Once I got over that I really began to love this racquet. I serve and volley a lot, and play doubles a whole lot, too, and you’re spot on with the maneuverability, it’s great when at the net. I also like the customizable inserts (I’m going to go with light blue, as it’s close enough to the Tar Heel blue of my alma mater.)

    I’m also struggling with which strings to use, have you had any luck since publishing this post? I usually play 17 gauge, too, at about 61 lbs, but might up the tension to help offset the lost control. Though, like you said I’ll probably go thru strings pretty quickly in Texas with 17 gauge and a higher tension.

    Enjoy your racquet, I know I will.

  2. To either of you–What kind of string did you use and what tension did you specify? I got the Prince Speedport Team racquet for my daughter and so would appreciate knowing how you strung yours. Thanks.

  3. Brad – I have one strung with Wilson NXT Tour 17 @54 – pretty soft feel. The other is with Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 17 @53. The latter is the one that requires the shock damper and I would not recommend it for your daughter. You might also want to consider a higher tension for better control.

    good luck!

    – jim armstrong

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