Prince OV-I

OK, I’m going to get all my product reviews out of the way this week.  I had been wearing the Prince T-20, which was a pretty decent shoe.  I was impressed with the stock insole, so as the T-20 began wearing in the heel, I went to a store and tried on the T-22.  Not bad at all.

That same day, I read the Tennis magazine October shoe review and noticed the OV-I.  Very good reviews.  Considering that the actual retail price is about $89, when I looked at composite score per dollar, it was right at the top.

Turns out my pro shop has them in stock, so I tried on a pair.  I normally wear two socks because my feet are a bit narrow and I like the extra cushion.  The stock width seemed fine with my two socks, so I decided to give the shoe a try.

Immediate impressions were that the shoe was very, very solid and it had a light feel.  Next impression was that the stock insole was not nearly as comfortable as I was used to from Prince.  Once I replaced the insole, the shoe felt great.

Break-in time seemed like 2-3 hours of average practice/play.  The more I got used to the shoe, the more comfortable it felt.  Whatever claims they make about traction (at least on hardcourt) are really true; felt like I could stop on a dime.  If only the rest of this old body were as responsive as the shoe …

Initially, it was hard to make any conclusion about the ventilation claims, but last night gave me my first real indication.  I started praticing at 4:30PM.  Eventually picked up a doubles match that went three sets.  Returned home just after 7:45PM (it’s a five-minute drive home), pretty much drenched in sweat.  My wife commented on how I looked like I had been swimming.

My socks weren’t even damp 🙂

For 89 bills – yeah, that was a great buy!