Cubic Bezier Spline in Degrafa Beta 3

I’m pleased to announce that the Singularity cubic Bezier spline has been ported and released into Degrafa Beta 3.  The Singularity version was build around a FastBezier class that performed a limited number of subdivision steps for each cubic Bezier segment in order to redraw the spline very fast.  The Degrafa version is built on top of their existing cubic Bezier and it optimized for accurate drawing.

The first version exposes a minimal number of features to direct manipulation in MXML.  After providing a coupld demos, I hope to look into enhancements.  In terms of research for Degrafa, text along a spline is still on the front burner.  After that, I hope to devote time to creating plotting methods to approximate splines that are not comprised of Bezier curves so that we may move other types of splines into the Degrafa drawing pipeline.