My First Hybrid

Well, I had pretty much become fed up with the low-frequency vibration caused by stringing my Speedport Black Team with Pro Hurricane Tour 17 @53.  On the other hand, I really liked the bite and extra spin from the string and the trampoline effect of the ball coming off the stringbed.

As an experiment, I had my White Pro strung at 56 with the same string and there was no vibration at all.  Probably to be expected since its a heavier and stiffer frame with a denser string pattern (18×19 vs. 16×19). The balance is head-light vs. head-heavy.

As a final experiment, I decided to try a hybrid on the Black Team, placing the Pro Hurricane Tour 17 on the mains and NXT Tour 17 on the crosses, strung @57.  I can only say one thing about the result – WOW!  Absolutely no vibration on anything from a drop-shot to a full-speed groundstroke.  Excellent spin and respone, especially from volleys.

Now, I can enjoy the maneuverability of the frame and spin characteristics of the strings.  I’m really sold on the hybrid concept.  So much so, I’m going to experiment with ALU Power Rough on the mains and NXT Tour 17 on the crosses on my backup racquet.  I’ll post again on both hybrids once I have a chance to hit with them for an extended period of time.