New Degrafa Math Utilities

If you update your code base from SVN, there should now be a com.degrafa.utilities.math folder with some new goodies.  These are low-level math utilities that will be used in upcoming advanced versions of the quad/cubic Bezier classes and Bezier utilities such as closest point to a quad/cubic Bezier.

Current methods include

Bisect – classic bisection algorithm for locating a root within an interval

Gauss – Numerical integeration using Gauss-Legendre

Newton – Simple implementation of Newton’s method

Halley – Simple implementation of Halley’s method

SimpleRoot – AS3 port of Jack Crenshaw’s TWBRF

Solve2x2 – Solve 2×2 systems of equations using Cramer’s method, with support for caching determinant.

A simple test program (MXML file) illustrating the usage of these methods can be downloaded here.  These are very low-level utilities that will be used in future Degrafa development and may be of value to advanced users.