Degrafa Cubic Bezier Y at X

A demo of the Degrafa AdvancedCubicBezier y at x method is now available.  This method returns up to three t-parameters of the cubic curve’s y-coordinate at the input x-coordinate.  This allows the caller to choose among multiple y-values with the same x-coordinate.

Degrafa Cubic Bezier y at x
Degrafa Cubic Bezier y at x

View demo.

View source.


4 thoughts on “Degrafa Cubic Bezier Y at X

  1. I was playing around with it, very nice.

    I did discover some situations where no points are found on certain segments even though the red line visibly crossed the curve. Mostly this involved making a loop and putting one end coordinate weird below one end of the curve and selecting just the loop.. impossible to explain, so i did a pic here:

    I noticed it had something to do with the t: parameter approaching 1 (it didn’t work when crossing the boundary of D’s point in the pic).

    Monkey tested :p

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