The Fed Express Rolls On

One of the advantages to getting up very early to start the work day (usually 5AM) is that I can watch the Australian Open while eating breakfast, initial email check, etc.  Federer v. Safin was viewed as a very challenging match for Roger, considering the previous meeting between the two in the semis.  Safin is a very capable player, with a huge serve. With nothing to lose, he is the type of person that can easily eliminate a top seed.

I haven’t seen Roger in this form in quite some time.  The serve was business as usual and the forehand was unbelievably explosive.  The only backhands he seemed to miss were those where he raised up during the stroke (note to self – pay more attention to that in practice).  He was able to elevate his game at critical points and was mentally tough in the tiebreaker.  I wish I had recorded the match just to watch that final backhand passing shot again.  Another note to self – get TiVO.

As long as he does not relax and lose concentration, this could be a great tournament for him.


2 thoughts on “The Fed Express Rolls On

  1. I don’t play tennis. Around here, everyone’s interested in the 49ers. We’re all disappointed 🙂

  2. Well, JT … I live in the Dallas area and have the Cowboys, Mavericks, and Stars to generate disappointment. Think I’ve got you beat in that category 🙂


    – jim

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