Nadal Wins Australian

Just finished watching the Open.  Thought Roger had a chance after coming back in the second, but then he seemed to relax.  Nadal is too mentally and physically tough (anyone see the match against Verdaso).  Back and forth, trading sets,  and then I saw something very unusual.  Roger’s edge in big matches has always been his ability to come up with a big serve to get out of trouble or get up in a game.  His serve completely deserted him in the fifth.  Nadal up a break and it was all over.

Nadal is to be congratulated not just for a big win but for elevating his game to complete at the highest level on all surfaces.  Federer’s time is not necessarily over, but on the downslide while Nadal is reaching a peak.  Federer will have to go back to the proverbial drawing board and find a way to elevate his play to solve the Nadal problem, a person who is clearly inside his head.


2 thoughts on “Nadal Wins Australian

  1. After watching the replay, it seems that Federer needs to adjust his tactics on Nadal’s serve and perhaps round out his topspin backhand, taking a shorter stroke to counter Nadal’s spin; also thought he should have served wide and volleyed more and hit more slice backhands. He places the ball too high into Nadal’s strike zone, giving Nadal the outside of the ball. Keep it low and force Nadal to hit up, not through and around.

    I think he wants to play his own game against Nadal instead of adjusting to fit the circumstances.


    – jim

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