Famous Black Mathematicians – Katherine Adebola Okikiolu

Born in 1965, Katherine Abedola Okikolu attended Cambridge and did her doctoral work at UCLA.  Math ran in her family as her father was a mathematician and inventor and her mother was a high school math teacher.

In 1997, she won the Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers, and in that same year became the first black winner of a Sloan Research Fellowship.

Read more about Katherine here, including a publication list and here is another brief biography.


3 thoughts on “Famous Black Mathematicians – Katherine Adebola Okikiolu

  1. You need to add more info on her like what is her mom’s name? What were her siblings names? Does she have any children? What Elementary(primary) and Highschool(secondary) did she go to?

    1. The point of this post was to highlight the mathematical accomplishments of this person. There are links to follow for more information and you can search for the specific biographical information you desire.


      – jim armstrong

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