Taking of Pelham 1 2 3

One of my favorite movies from the 70’s, the original was an adaptation from a novel by Morton Freedgood.  It kind of started the ‘hostage movie’ genre and was also the first time in film that the criminals used colors to direct conversation among themselves (i.e. Mr. Green, Mr. Gray) in order to not use identifiable names.  This convention was popularized in Reservoir Dogs.

Anyway, I just returned from watching The International as part of my wife’s day full of Valentine’s activities (which was a pretty decent flick).  I noticed the movie is being remade a third time (the second was a 1998 television remake), with Mr. Blue now played by John Travolta.  Looks really interesting, although Hollywood does have a propensity to screw up remakes.  I’m hoping that with Denzel Washington and Travolta, this one will be topnotch.  We’ll see on June 12.