Parametric Spline vs. Cubic Bezier Spline

Not as entertaining as Celebrity Deathmatch, but it is interesting to compare the two splines fitting the same set of knots.  The demo used in the previous post introducing the parametric (cubic) spline has been modified to fit the Degrafa cubic Bezier spline to the same set of knots, as shown below.

Comparing Parametric and cubic Bezier splines
Comparing Parametric and cubic Bezier splines

The parametric spline is drawn in blue, as before.  The cubic Bezier spline is drawn in red.  There is a technical reason why the parametric spline tends to take the ‘less roundabout’ path through knots, which I may discuss in future posts.  Neither drawing is more or less ‘correct’ than the other.  They are just different tools that can be used by artists.  In order for the parametric spline to be efficiently integrated into the Degrafa command stack, I will eventually  work on a methodology to approximate general splines with quad. Bezier segments.  Yet another item on that Degrafa ‘to do’ list 🙂

You may view the new demo and source code from the same links as in the parametric spline post.


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