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You Don’t Always Win

May 31, 2009 Comments off

If Nadal lost the French Open, popular opinion was that it would be to Federer/Murray/Djokovic in the final.  Falling to the 23rd seed in the 4th round was simply not in the script.  Now, everyone will have their explanation ranging from all the extra matches he has played since starting this incredible run about a year ago to the pink shirt (my favorite reason).  We saw this happen with Federer and I saw it in a prior generation with Connors, Borg, and McEnroe.  Why would Nadal fans expect anything different?  Despite his extraordinary mental and physical condition, he is (as the agents from The Matrix would say) human.

Perhaps the best explanation is from Jason Statham from the flick Chaos, which I watched over the weekend.   At the end of the movie, he tells the young detective who was his adversary that the detective learned a valuable lesson and it’s good he learned it while he is young.

“You don’t always win.”

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Friday Humor for Freelancers

May 29, 2009 2 comments

Have you seen those Nextel commercials, like ‘what would happen if film crews/roadies ran the world?’  So, what would happen if clients treated other vendors the way they treat freelancers?  If  you’ve ever gone the freelance route in this business, you might like this video.

Check it out here.

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ClockMaker Flex/AIR/PV3D Demos

May 28, 2009 Comments off

Nice collection of demos here, all in one page with links to the appropriate blog post describing the demo.  Many of the demos involve PV3D.  Going to spend some more time here, this weekend 🙂

ClockMaker Labs.

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USTA Challenger Twitter Feed

May 27, 2009 Comments off

Just a brief follow-up to this post – the tournament has a Twitter feed which you can follow here.  Not many updates now, but I suspect there will be more as we head nearer to the pre-qualifier.   I hope to post some video soon of the recently resurfaced courts.

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Mr. Pink

May 25, 2009 Comments off

I woke up on a beautiful Memorial Day morning and fired up the Plasma,  itching to see Roldand Garros in high def.  My eyes were shocked.  In Roland Garros meets Reservoir Dogs, Nadal is Mr. Pink.  I had to blink multiple times to make sure it was true.  Although he went through some tough stretches, he did win in straight sets.  I suppose when you’re the best clay court player of all time and No. 1 in the world, you can wear anything you want.  In the unlikely event that Nadal loses along the way, I’m going to be the first to blame it on that freaking pink shirt!

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AS3 Optimization and F10

May 22, 2009 1 comment

Just some quick props to Ryan Christensen for a good post, including a robust set of links, on the topic of AS3 optimization and improvements in the F10 player.  Can’t have too much information on this topic 🙂

Read more here.

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Degrafa Outside of Flex

May 22, 2009 Comments off

This is making its way around the blogsphere, and has been asked about several times on this blog.  In case you have not heard, progress is being made on using Degrafa outside of Flex.

Read more here.

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