New Shades from N3LOptics

My eyes are light-sensitive, which adds an additional challenge to playing tennis 🙂 I’ve been into a couple Oakley stores and had trouble dealing with the sales reps. They didn’t seem to know the product and kept trying to sell me customizable shades that had clear problems such as space between the nose pads and lens. This lets bright light through at certain angles which is problematic when the head moves quickly to line up a volley.   So, at certain times of the day and certain court positions, you get a quick flash of bright light on a poach in doubles, for example.

N3L Optics specializes in sunglasses for sports and they recently opened up a new store in North Park mall.  The rep. I talked with was more familiar with golf than tennis, but worked with me and took time to understand all my concerns.  After trying eight different shades, I think I’ve finally found the right pair.

If you’re in the D/FW area and are looking for shades for sports, give them a try!