Watching Roger Federer at the US Open the past few years was a big part of my wanting to get back into tennis after about 25 years away from the game.  As a Federer fan, I was overjoyed at his winning the French Open today.  Not only does this tie Sampras’ slam record at 14, it gives Federer the elusive career slam (winning all four major championships over the course of a career).  His record now legitimately begs the question of GOAT (Greatest Of All Time).

In a phone interview from LA, Sampras stated, “I’m obviously happy for Roger. Now that he has won in Paris, I think it just more solidifies his place in history as the greatest player that played the game, in my opinion.”

As a Federer fan, it’s an easy sell for me, although I have to say that the GOAT title is probably shared equally with Rod Laver.  Comparing players across eras is difficult.  Laver won the grand slam (all four majors consecutively in a single year) not once, but twice.  This mind-boggling achievement is made even more so by the recognition that he played some of his best tennis before the Open era.  And, some might note that Federer might have an asterisk beside his title in that he did not defeat Nadal.  I would point out that Federer can only play the matches in front of him.  Besides, who is more dangerous?  Nadal or the person who knocked Nadal (and three other higher-seeded players) out of the tournament?  And, Federer did defeat Nadal at Madrid (on clay).

Tennis in the current era is a physical drain unlike any time in the past.  Players are in tremendous condition and the tour is an unrelenting grind.  Youth is served at a faster pace then ever in the past.  Just look at Del Potro.  Federer blew him away at the Australian (including a double-bagel), then DP took him to five a few months later at the French.  The window for winning slams seems to be a bit smaller every year.  This makes Nadal’s run at the French even more impressive and equally underscores Federer’s slam record.

Personally, I would like to see TMF retire with 15+ slams.  Given the pace at which young players are rising toward slam contention, this would be a monumental achievement, solidifying what is already a strong G.O.A.T argument.

May the Fed Express roll on!hr


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  1. I just hope Nadal plays at Winbledon and we have a rematch of last years epic final. A win like that would make sure there is no question of who is the best. Although, I have to agree that Rod Laver did win the grand slam twice, Federer is doing it consecutively for almost 4 years. Thats awesome.

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