I’m always interested in computer tools for teaching math.  I recently heard about Algebrator by SoftMath and have been checking out the online animated demos.  Seems like this is a good tool for students needing help with basic concepts (kind of like a fixed-cost home tutor) or for teachers to create lessons and use as an interactive teaching aid.  I suppose it might also be useful for technical professionals wishing to quickly solve complex algebra problems, but most people I know already use Mathematica, Maple, or something similar.  Given a cost of about sixty bucks, it seems that individual students and teachers are the primary market for Algebrator.

There does not seem to be an online demo, so I can’t check it out in more detail.  If anyone is using this tool, I’d be interested in your feedback.  Check out Algebrator here.


4 thoughts on “Algebrator

  1. For one twelfth the price of that Algebrator site, a student could use and be just as satisfied.

    Guaranteach features thousands of videos on all kinds of K-12 math subjects, which the students can tailor to their own learning styles. If you haven’t yet, I would go look over the site. They also do have a free demo, unlike Algebrator.

    1. I’ll check it out, although given it’s a monthly subscription, that 1/12th seems to only apply for one month, and you seem to be comparing a series of static videos with a software tool that offers freeform data entry. Even so, I always like to have links to good resources 🙂 Free trials are always appreciated. thx.

  2. If you or any of your readers wants to see more about Guaranteach, there is a promotional code you can use to try the site for free for 31 days. When signing up for the site, simply enter the promotional code ‘Algorithm’.

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