40 Years Ago Today

Most young whippersnappers in the ‘new media’ business don’t even know what Apollo was and were not alive on this historic day in 1969.  I remember my parents taking us to the neighbor’s house because they had a larger TV  so we could watch the moon landing.  It was the space program that fueled my interest in math and science.  As a kid, I had this dream of working in the space program,  so what the heck am I doing writing Flash applications?  Oh yeah, it’s that whole paying the bills thing 🙂

At least the young whippersnappers have done a phenominal job of reliving the excitement of the times online with great sites like http://www.wechoosethemoon.org/ .  I can only hope that the spirit of adventure, innovation, and exploration continues and I get to see a Mars landing in my lifetime.


2 thoughts on “40 Years Ago Today

  1. ha, you can actually re-live the experience, sorry if you havent seen it yet but NASA now re-translates whole apollo mission in real time at http://www.nasa.gov/externalflash/apollo11_radio/ of course you have missed all juicy moments like the landing itself and walking on the moon by now, but they will be on the “air” for two more days (up until crew recovery on Earth).

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