Weird Interview Experiences

From @CafeRico on Twitter, this was a hilarious read,

In over 25 years of professional experience, I can’t say I’ve even come close to hearing anything like this in an interview.  Perhaps the closest was a professor we once interviewed who claimed to have a linear programming algorithm ideally suited for vector and parallel supercomputers.  He was suspiciously evasive during most of my questions and at the end of his presentation, he leaned forward with a crazed look on his face, and said ‘So, do you know of any computers that are good at dot products?’  He then stuck his toungue out and started licking his chops like a rabid dog over a steak.

So, what’s your weirdest interview experience?


2 thoughts on “Weird Interview Experiences

  1. Had one candidate who once said…I’ll probably work from home most days. I smoke a whole lot and having to go outside for smoke breaks ruins my creative flow.

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