Prince EXO3 Black Review Part 2

My recent two hitting sessions were against a heavy, cold wind.  I was quite pleased with how the frame held up against the wind.  Here are some pics of the racquet, courtesy of Tom Coyle (Hilton D/FW Lakes).  The EXO3 Black is shown by itself and compared right next to the O3 Speedport Black (both with the exact same string job).

EXO3 Black is on the right, Speedport Black on the left (with the blue grommets).  I have to keep the pic sizes small for the blog.  Contact me if you want the full-size images.

The racquet has the same 16×19 string pattern and head size as the O3 Black.

Here is a side view.

Yes, that’s me – sorry, we were going low-budget on this production 🙂

Now, here’s the frame straight on.

And last, the two side-by-side.  BTW, the EXO3 Black is shown with the stock grip; the O3 Speedport Black has an overgrip.

Sorry about the left hand over part of both frames, but it was *very* windy when these pics were taken, so it was pretty difficult to keep the two racquets steady for the camera.