Flash Builder and SVN on Mac

I’m trying to setup SVN in Flash Builder 4  (production release, not beta) on a Mac (Snow Leopard).  Done it multiple times on PC’s, but the process is quite different on a Mac.  I tried following the Flash Magazine tutorial, but no luck.  I’m about ready to bail and go with SmartSVN.

If you have setup SVN with Flash Builder on a Mac and are willing to help out a new Mac user, please email me at theAlgorithmist[at]gmail[dot].com.  Thanks for your time!


11 thoughts on “Flash Builder and SVN on Mac

    1. Thanks – I’m going to give it one more try this afternoon and if no luck, then it’s SmartSVN all the way for me – thanks for the other link as well.

  1. When it comes to subversion clients hands down now and forever Tortoise svn shall remain king, but sadly that is only on Windows… I looked around to find a decent client for Mac and well, Smart SVN is pretty much a poor mans Toroise svn, Versions is almost there, but not good enough considering it’s not free. The client I have been using and will most likely soon purchase is Syncro SVN http://www.syncrosvnclient.com/ although there are still a few features lacking that Tortoise svn has I think it works very well for what it is. But if all you do is work in the Eclipse IDE for all your coding id highly recommend Subclipse http://subclipse.tigris.org/ it integrates beautifully into Eclipse, although I am yet to test it with FB4…

    1. Apologies for the double post, but perhaps you can correct this in my previous post… I mean’t “rapid svn” is poor mans tortoise svn, smart svn okay 😛

  2. OK – you win the prize! That tutorial was *much* more helpful than the one on Flash Magazine. What was getting me was that I was installing the Subversion Revision Graph. That was where all the errors came from.

    Looks like it’s up and running now, although I’ve also installed SmartSVN as a backup 🙂

    thanks again.

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