FlashBuilder and PureMVC Part VII

Continuing from Part VI of this series, I did make some other minor changes from the original tutorial such as removal of the Dictionary. This seemed like a bit of overkill given that it’s easy to assign a String ID to an item and use the Object hash to quickly look up items by id. There are a few other minor changes and probably some issues you might like to address to suit your personal tastes. That’s what a tutorial is all about; illustration of key points and opportunity for hands-on experience to enhance the application.

I hope this has helped people looking to migrate from Flex 3 to Flash Builder – arghh, make that Flex 4, using PureMVC. You may download an FXP file of the project here, minus the data.xml file as that may be obtained from the original tutorial url. Substitute your own flicker API key.

Good luck with your Flex/PureMVC efforts!