AS3 Developer Position in Houston

One of my best clients, an agency in Houston, has an opening for an AS3 developer.  If you are available and in the Houston area (locals strongly preferred), then send me an email at theAlgorithmist[at]gmail[dot]com.  You should have the following background.

A firm foundation in OOP and event-driven programming with demonstrable expertise developing highly interactive applications in AS3.  You should know something about basic design patterns.  Flash 10 experience is a bonus.  Mobile is an even bigger bonus, but not a requirement.  You need to have experience in creating reusable components and helping designers with modest scripting skills create visual elements to be integrated into a larger application.  You also need to know how and when to hack something quick to make a deliverable on a short time frame.

Flex/FlashBuilder IDE experience is valuable, but not required (i.e. creating Actionscript projects and integrating visual content created by designers using Flash CS4/CS5).  Flex framework experience is a bonus but not required.

Any experience you have using third-party AS3 libraries and extending them to create new functionality is highly desirable.  You will be required to work with such libraries developed by me 🙂

Don’t send me a resume.  Resumes are B.S. documents created for HR people and managers that want buzzwords and other B.S.  Show me an online blog/portfolio or something that demonstrates your skills.  Then, we’ll talk.  I will forward promising candidates onto my client.

I’ve worked with this company for over six years and can vouch that although an agency environment can be challenging, these people are absolutely great to work with.  Looking forward to hearing from you.