Actionscript Organic Scroller Preview

Just a quick note to say hello from Adobe MAX in LA.  This is a short preview of a project I’ve been working on with Paul Taylor.  At 360|Flex, we showed a demo where TinyTLF was used to layout text respecting a spline boundary.  Paul showed scrolling with TinyTLF here at the 360|Flex Unconference.  The next natural progression is to have both the text boundary and the scroller be organic; that is, both are based on the same Bezier spline.  The scroller itself and the thumb are dynamically rendered in Actionscript.  The small image below shows a preview of one test case.

Organic Scroller Based on Quadratic Bezier Spline

Needless to say, there is a *lot* of math involved ranging from arc-length parameterization to interpolation models to a nonlinear model for scroller thumb interaction.  The alpha component is being turned over to Paul for integration into a TinyTLF demo and further testing.  Once it’s solid, we will work on a vehicle for distributing the code, which will include at least a white paper on all the math used in the scroller construction.

More to come later!


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