Recent Work on Ripple Tank

I really enjoy interactive math and science education.  Recently, I enjoyed an opportunity to work with ExploreLearning on some science Gizmos.  My actual science background is marginal at best.  Because of my math/engineering experience, I can handle trajectories and Netwonian mechanics.  I have virtually no experience with electro-magnetics or wave mechanics, so I was pleased to work with one of the science Ph.D’s at EL on a ripple tank Gizmo.  His math model was quite robust, handling barriers and submerged rocks with variable depth.

If you are an educator, check out ExploreLearning Gizmos; they are great interactive tools for math and science education.

Ripple Tank Gizmo can be found here (coded in straight AS3).


2 thoughts on “Recent Work on Ripple Tank

    1. Thanks, man. I was really happy to work with a Ph.D. who understood the science to great detail. I understand coupled differential equations and discretization over a finite grid, but would have been very hard pressed to come up with a realistic math model in the time we had available.

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