Freehand Drawing Library New Features

The top two requests from prior beta users of this library were stroke transforms and the ability to serialize strokes to SVG or FXG format.  The intent is to use the library to create a handrawn stroke as part of a logo, for example, then use a stroke editor for fine tuning.  The stroke is then converted to a String representation (FXG or SVG format), then sent to a server or written to a file in an AIR application.

Here are some screen shots of the serialization demo.  A single stroke is drawn into the Freehand drawing area, as shown below.

After conversion to FXG or SVG, the resulting String is displayed below the Freehand drawing area.  If FXG format is selected, a crude (and I do mean crude) FXG viewer uses the serialized stroke to echo it as a filled Path.

I tested the SVG output by copying and pasting it into an online SVG viewer.

There is one beta slot left, so if you are interested in a license, please contact me at theAlgorithmist [at] gmail [dot] com (serious inquiries only).  Beta users get free upgrades for life.