Freehand Drawing Library on iPad

This is my last post before MAX.  Thought I would end the Freehand Drawing Library set of posts with some screenshots of it running on my iPad-2.  I’m running the debug version of the MobileFreehand test and I’m rather satisfied with the performance from Air 2.7.

Sorry for the poor picture quality from my phone camera.  The browser version is running in a window at the upper, left-hand side of the picture.  You can see the iPad-2 leaning against the MBP screen.

I find that I draw better using a stylus on the iPad-2 vs. a mouse with the browser version.  And, yes, it does work just fine with the screen rotated.

The best aspect of this entire project is one central code library (Flex library project) from which a number of targeted (browser, desktop, mobile) applications may be developed.

See you at MAX in a couple days!