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The CompGeoJS Project

December 10, 2013

I’ve received a few emails from readers of this (now closed) blog regarding my current development direction.  I’m actually taking some time off after working on a very long Flex gig to get involved in some new stuff.  As I look back over the span of time from 2004 (when I started this blog) to nearly 2014, my two favorite open-source projects were Degrafa and Singularity.  The Singularity project provided an Actionscript library for commonly used tools from the field of computational geometry.  I wrote a series of free TechNotes to explain the mathematics behind the techniques.  Unfortunately, the TechNotes did not follow any reasonable pedagogical order, and I kind of regret the approach.

I’m very interested in reviving this development for the new wave of interactive developers who are concentrating their efforts in HTML 5 and JS.  The goal of the CompGeoJS project is to provide interactive developers with a comprehensive, open-source library for addressing problems arising from the fields of analytic and computational geometry.  Unlike Singularity, the library will be developed first, along with a robust collection of demos and online documentation.  The process will be much more organized this time around and will eventually enable developers to tackle a wide variety of applications such as architecture, floor planning, advanced programmatic animation, and gaming.

Once the library reaches a solid ‘version one’ state, I will write an eBook to accompany the online documentation that discusses the mathematics behind all the tools.  I hope this will be of use to developers who wish to modify the library for very customized uses as well as instructors of numerical analysis and computational geometry.

It’s at a VERY early stage of development, but you can check out what is available right now and where the library is going at the CompGeoJS project home page.

Thanks and enjoy!

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