This pages serves as a permanent repository for important posts and tutorials related to Degrafa.


Getting Started with Degrafa


Introduction to Splines Part I

Introduction to Splines Part II

Introduction to Splines Part III

Introduction to Splines Part IV

Introduction to Splines Part V

Introduction to Splines Part VI

Introduction to Splines Part VII

Introduction to Splines Part VIII

Introduction to Splines Part IX

Introduction to Splines Part X

Dynamic Knot Generation

Natural Cubic Spline – introduction to the plottable natural cubic spline

Spline Approximation Over an Interval – how to approximate a natural cubic spline over an arbitrary interval.

Natural Cubic Spline Demo 3 – Illustrates how to assign spline knots in script, using a spline to approximate a function.

Quadratic Hermite Spline – Introduction to the Degrafa quadratic Hermite spline.

Cardinal Spline – Introduction to the Degrafa Cardinal Spline.

Cardinal Spline Series

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Quadratic Hermite Curve Series

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Quadratic Hermite Spline

Tutorials and Demos

[beginner] Multiple targets and transforms

[intermediate] Dynamic Bezier (requires some scripting and MXML component experience)

[intermediate] Quadratic Bezier Arc Length (builds upon the previous demo).

[intermediate] Advanced Quadratic Bezier (test program for several methods in AdvancedQuadraticBezier class).

[intermediate] Advanced Quadratic Bezier y-at-x (test program for the y-at-x method of the AdvancedQuadraticBezier class).

[intermediate] Advanced Cubic Bezier (test program for several methods in AdvancedCubicBezier class).

[intermediate] Advanced Cubic Bezier y at x (test program for y-at-x method).

[intermediate] Closest Point to a Cubic Bezier (illustration of closest point method for cubic Bezier in BezierUtils class).

[intermediate] Quadratic Bezier Join (illusration of joining two quadratic beziers with G-1 continuity).

[intermediate] Quadratic (Bezier) Spline.

[intermediate] Natural Cubic Spline.

[intermediate] Comparing a parametric cubic spline to the Degrafa cubic Bezier spline.  Also illustrates a practical use of the Degrafa natural cubic spline.

[intermediate] Using Degrafa math utilities to arc-length parameterize a rotated ellipse and then animate a sprite around the ellipse.  Also illustrates dashed line decorator.

[beginner] A simple demo illustrating usage of the arc-length parameterized Catmull-Rom spline utility.

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