Cool 3D Experiments

Spent some time this weekend catching up with blogs/sites that I’ve bookmarked to go back and check out at a later time.  Out of the dozen or so reviewed this weekend, one really stood out above the rest.

Want to give some props to Eugene’s astatic notes blog and the interesing 3D experiments there (some of which require FP10 to view).  This is the latest addition to my blogroll.


VectorVision and VizierFX

Well, you can’t have enough cool graphing and 3D tools.  I’ve just started working with VizierFX (network graphing in Flex), and may post some examples over the holidays if there is sufficient interest.  Will download Vectorvision (vectors in PV3D) over the holidays and experiment as well.

If you have any cool examples of either, comment here.

Getting Started with Papervision GW

If you’re just starting out with Papervision or migrating to Great White after having been away from PV3D for a while (that’s me), here are a couple links to demos and getting started tutorials you may find helpful. – over a dozen demos, with source code. – First steps in Papervision Part 1 – First steps in Papervision Part 2


3D Developments

A brief mention of some recent 3D developments.  Been following the Alternativa engine development for a while and their blog shows some very interesting demos.  At a glance, it seems to be optimized for interactive gaming, whereas PV3D is being developed for very general usage.  I could be way off on that – just a quick observation 🙂  Check it out for yourself here.

Eduardo Dias da Costa pinged me about a 3D panoramic viewer, which you can see here.  That’s it for now … back to work!