Honda Fit Sport First Road Trip

As a follow-on to this post and this post, I took the Fit Sport on my first road trip this weekend, visiting in-laws in east Texas. Not a very long trip, but at least I was able to push the speedometer up to 70 for a while. About 90% local freeway and interstate driving; the rest was city. Driving conditions were ideal; flat roads and no wind. It was cool enough in the morning that I only ran the A/C intermittently on the outbound leg of the trip.

Mileage for the entire trip was 39.45. On the freeway, I kept the cruise control at the posted speed limit (which varied from 60-70). As a rough guess, I suspect the average highway speed was about 64mph, so this is not indicative of what would be achieved on a longer trip where average speeds were 70+. Still, I was very impressed with the result. In similar conditions, my Escape Hybrid achieved 30.5 mpg, although that would quickly drop above 70 mph and any type of head or cross-wind.

Honda Fit Sport Update

As a follow-on to this post, I’m now filling up every half tank. My two previous half-tank results have been 35.2 mpg and 35.4 mpg. A bit more local freeway driving on these two, so I’m getting the benefit of the highway mileage. I should point out again that I’m a very conservative driver and focus on economy when getting from point A to point B, not time. So, my results are probably at the high end of expectations.

In terms of total cost of ownership and general driving enjoyment, this has been one of the best vehicles I’ve owned to date.