Grapevine Tennis Classic Wrapup

I was really pleased to be in a position to sponsor this year’s tournament.  Although the single’s final was not as dramatic as last year, I’d actually have to rate the overall action as better than the prior year.  Numerous improvements to the organization and process lead to a smoother operation.  Night matches and covers for the stands were greatly appreciated.

Many thanks to the other sponsors and people like Tom Coyle who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the tournament moving smoothly.  Chris Giordano and the Hilton D/FW Lakes put on another great pro circuit event.

Good news is that we get to do it all over again in November, which becomes our regular date on the pro circuit calendar.  If you live in the D/FW area and missed the action this year, check out the official tournament web site for more info and follow them on twitter to stay up to date.

See you in November!

Women’s 50K Challenger at D/FW Hilton Lakes

The D/FW Hilton Lakes will be hosting a women’s 50K USTA Challenger tournament in early July.  It’s not Venus and Serena, but often these challengers attract women ranked as high as 50 in the world.   Serious USTA points are up for grabs.  Prequalifying begins on July 1.

The courts at the Hilton have just been resurfaced (blue interior/green exterior) and numerous other improvements are being made to the grounds.  When complete, I’ll try to post some videos on YouTube.  If you are interested in attending, single-day tickets are six bucks and you can contact the sports club at 817-481-8444 for tickets and more information.

My understanding is that there will be a twitter account for the tournament.  Don’t know about a blog.  I’ll post more information as it’s available and try to provide photos and some video.