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I’ll Never Watch Federer Again

July 5, 2009 8 comments

A strange comment coming from a Federer fan!  It was, in fact, watching Federer at the US Open over the last couple years that encouraged me to pick up tennis again after being away from the game for more than two decades.  I made a special attempt to watch Federer during the 2008 Aussie Open as well as the French and Wimbledon finals.  Federer was defeated in the semis at the Australian and lost the two other finals; the French very badly.  So, I decided I would not watch Federer play during the US Open.  He won!

I got up early to watch the 2009 Australian Open final and I mean really early.  Once again, a five set heartbreaker.  So, I decided not to watch his matches during the French Open this year.  An incredible win for his career slam!

As a mathematician I know that correlation does not prove causality, but there was a perfect correlation between me watching Federer playing live and the result.  So, I resolved never to watch a Wimbledon match live.  I did not have any involvement in the final, including NO tweets.

The result speaks for itself.  Clearly Federer owes this historical achievment to me 🙂  I’ll be looking forward to that autographed picture, Roger.  While I’m waiting, I’ll continue this new tradition of never watching a Federer match live.  May the Fed Express roll on.

And, finally, credit where credit is due.  Congrats. to Roddick for one of the most impressive and courageous perfomances in a final in the history of the game.

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