Here are permanent links to popular downloads.  Check out the Online Demos page for more examples and downloads.

Elliptical arc for arbitrarily rotated ellipse  – post and download link here.

File Upload with ASP.NET – A simple example illustrating how to use a .net web handler for file upload in a Flex app.

Spline Tangent – Interactive demo shows how to calculate the tangent to a Catmull-Rom spline and display a segment of that tangent.

AS 2 Wedge Class (draws pie-shaped wedges)

AS 2 BitmapData.hitTest example.

From the old Singularity blog,

AS 3 Priority Queue

AS 2 Prime Factorization

AS 2 Pascal’s Triangle (forward and reverse recursion)

AS 2 Recursive Taylor Series Example [ TechNote reference here ]

AS 2 Timer Class (choreograph events in timed sequence)

AS 2 Pair and Triple classes – STL-style pair and triple used for coordinates. Includes great-circle distance.

AS 2 – The magic of the number 1089.

  1. nabil
    August 17, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    How can I add a preloader for my .DAE model in flash builder?

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